About Site

This site is meant to provide some snapshots of life as I travel and explore the world through international co-ops, exchanges or just vacations.

In 2013 I worked for Airbus in Germany and traveled through a lot of Europe on the weekends. Right before I started working I rode around Holland for 30 days to explore this amazing, bike-friendly country where I was born!

In 2012 I was studying at the India Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India as part of a Study Abroad Exchange program through UBC. In-between courses, I’m tried to travel as much as possible and really absorb this interesting, extremely different culture.

In hopes that my french would improve, during the summer of 2011 the blog was en francais while I lived Quebec City, working at Defence Research & Development Canada. If you must you can just translate the page to English, but that’s completely up to you!

As well as sharing interesting things with the world, this website is a record of my travels and a way to stay in touch with friends and family back home!

Everything from travelling & seeing the world, Aerospace Engineering to Vancouver sites to philosophy and immortality will be put on this page to share. This site will also be home to my blogs about motivation, and interesting events or activities I participate in on a daily basis.

Feel free to leave comments for everyone to see, and don’t be shy to share your own knowledge as well!