There were definitely many elements of Morocco that took me back to my time in India last year. The people out everywhere on the streets, the wonderful mazes of markets and the street food available at all times. Of course, the scams, beggars and ways that everyone approaches you on the street as a tourist was also really apparent.

We went out into the desert and around the campfire I ended up speaking with a guy who was born in the Sahara and lived there as a nomad for the first 15 years of his life. He had never gone outside of Morocco, and had never looked at a map in his whole life. Obviously I had a lot of questions. Luckily he was quite open, albeit having to speak in French. Constantly on the move with his family and caravan, they followed “the rains” in an attempt to find food and grazing grounds for their herds of goats and camels. What a completely different life than I could even imagine.

Rick's Cafe from the famous 1942 film, Casablanca!

Rick’s Cafe from the famous 1942 film, Casablanca!


  • Apparently you are not allowed to say anything bad about the King
  • King has given directive to make 40% of Moroccan electricity solar powered by 2020. Will most likely be selling most of it to Europe because they will pay more for “green” electricity.
  • Cannot see the big dipper in Morocco because it is too far South
  • Camels are extremely uncomfortable to ride
  • Many movies shot in the desert including gladiator, young Indiana Jones and the mummy. Moroccans from local villages often act as extras in the movies for up to $50 per day.
  • Toboggans with wheels are normal for Australians. Apparently toboggans for snow are very non-existent
  • No difference between v and b in Spanish. Even saw a sign advertising automoviles

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