My Last Mistake in Germany 1

Suggestions for what I should do in the month following my work with Airbus ranged from going into Russia, staying with friends in England, touring Croatia, and returning to India. Due to a number of reasons, I eventually decided to spend a week skiing in the Alps and then head to Morocco, southern Spain and Portugal. Two amazingly cheap flights made this last part possible: one from Lisbon to Toronto, and the other from Frankfurt to Marrakech.

Friends were quick to warn me that I should check to make sure where exactly in “Frankfurt” I was flying out from. My experience with Ryanair had also alerted me to the fact that these low-budget airlines do not always fly out of the major airports. They usually cut costs by flying from remote airports on the borders of bigger cities. In the case of Frankfurt, or should I say Frankfurt-Hahn airport, the airport was located a convenient 125 km away from the city of Frankfurt…

OK, a bit of a distance, but at least I knew about it a month ahead of time and could plan accordingly. After planning the flight and getting some bigger, overhead details about my trip ironed out I spent a solid couple weeks just immersed in work since there was still a number of critical projects I needed to finish before leaving the job. Last week I found a very cheap bus from Hannover straight to the Airport and decided I could throw in a visit to my friend in Hannover at the same time as getting to the airport. Using Meinfernbus, a favourite bus company of mine that offers really cheap tickets all over Germany, I typed in Frankfurt Hahn and was happy to find that they could drive me directly to the airport.

Only yesterday on the bus to the Airport I realized something was going wrong. The time that I was supposed to arrive at Frankfurt-Hahn was coming up in minutes and my GPS told me we were still about an hour and a half away. Strange, because these German buses are never so late. It was only when we pulled into the Frankfurt International Airport and I double-checked my ticket that I discovered I had bought a ticket to the wrong airport…even after being told by all these people to make sure that I knew the difference between the two airports…

After spending a couple minutes telling myself I was an idiot I started brainstorming ways to get to Frankfurt-Hahn. Taxi, rent a car, hitchhike, bus? Hopefully bus because a taxi would cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, time was on my side since it was 11pm, and my flight was at 6am. Online I found a bus that would take me straight from Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport at 3:15am. Thus, I found a nice comfy spot on a bench by a café, set my alarm for 3am, put my bag under my head and went to sleep.

At 3:10 I found myself standing outside in the cold waiting for the bus next to a flustered Argentinian guy. Turns out, only an hour before, he found out that he was in the wrong airport when he could not find any Ryanair counters and had to ask someone from Lufthansa. Haha, at least I wasn’t the only one in this predicament.

Now I’m writing this as I’m sitting in the plane on my way to Morocco!

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