Molson Canadian in Ireland

Awesome accents greeted me everywhere after I took my insanely-cheap-16-euros flight from Germany to Ireland.

When I landed in Dublin last week I was more than baffled to find out that Molson Canadian beer is huge in the country. Introduced 3 years ago, it now has an 11% share of the Irish lager market and is growing every month. It seemed to be more popular than I ever remember it being in Canada. Then again, I haven’t been to Canada in so long that maybe things have changed…



Apparently saying “life is grand” is equivalent to saying “everything is OK” rather than amazing. And “getting the ride” is quite sexual, leading to a bit of an awkward encounter when my friend thanked his buddies for dropping him off in their car a couple months ago.


  • There exists an US military base in Garmish, Germany that serves almost exclusively as an R&R ski retreat for troops and NATO conferences.
  •  I’ve heard that if a town in Germany is under a certain population there can only legally be one bar in the town
  • New Dinglish words I learned: upgedadet (updated) and gebrainstormed
  • Shoes are arranged by size first rather than type first in a shoe store

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