Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Interesting fact: the third most popular sport in the country is sport shooting, right behind hockey and football (soccer).

Another random fact: Moldauhafen is a 30,000 square meter piece of land in Hamburg (Germany) harbor which belongs to the Czech Republic until 2028. After the First World War, through the Treaty of Versailles they were given a bit of “access to the sea” for shipping, to help the newfound country deal with international trade.

We also went to the Communist Museum which is located “next to the Casino” and right behind the McDonalds. Kind of a slap to the face of Karl Marx.

Even saw an “Absintherie” along the way with over 100 different types of Absinth on display.


And went to BMW world when we were back in Munich, just passing through on the way back to the Bodensee. Interesting to find out that originally BMW started with airplanes (mostly engines) manufacturing and then moved into motorcycles. Only years later they decide to try their hand in automobile design.

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