On a boat! In Stockholm

Never was I more amazed by the cheap travel options Europe has to offer than a couple weeks ago. I found a ticket from Memmingen Airport (~1 hour away from where I live), to just outside of Stockholm for 26 euros! And what’s even better, I found a return ticket for 25 euros! Decided to take an extra day of work off and make it a 3-day weekend to Sweden for 51 euros! Crazy.

In Stockholm I stayed with two good friends of mine who I met on my Study Abroad semester in India last year. Fantastic to be able to stay in touch and meet up on the other side of the world. Since Stockholm is so water-based (more than 50 bridges in the city), we took out my friend’s boat to be able to move around while we were there.

The Swedish have special words for cozy, snugness, cuddling which are very often used among friends in gettogethers, one of which is mysig. They are just a very close bunch when it comes to hanging out and this was great when we had 7 people on the boat together Saturday night.

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