Among the Wieners

2pm last Friday saw me slowing down to join the long line in what ended up being a 2 hour traffic jam on the Austrian Autobahn just outside of Linz. As people started comlaining about the heat from outside, the heat from the other cars, the heat from the trucks, the lack of shade, the lack of water, blah, blah, blah, three Slovakian guys in the car ahead of us decided to take a different approach. After about 10 minutes of standing still, the three guys got out of their car, rummaged in the back of their trunk and eventually pulled out 3 glasses, some juice and a hefty bottle of Vodka. They opened up their doors, started playing some music and partied like they were stuck on the Austrian Autobahn with no place to go!

Slovakians starting their traffic jam party

Slovakians starting their traffic jam party

A fantastic weekend with my mentor, Jaymie Matthews, started off with the classic 1949 British Film Noir “The Third Man”, shot right there in Vienna. Friday night the show ended and we spent the remainder of the weekend walking around on the very set of this movie. Even rode the Wiener Riesenrad, one of the oldest Ferris Wheels in the world.

Ferris wheel

Prater Kirmes (Carnival)

Vienna is a beautiful place with monstrous buildings descended from the days when it was the centre of a vast empire dominated by the Hapsburgs. While many other places around the world attempt to preserve the castles, palaces, and royal halls in their original usage, Vienna has been transforming these into museums all over the city.


  1. A citizen of Vienna (Wien) is known as a Wiener and it wasn’t just a funny joke that everything in Vienna had the word “Wiener” attached to it. Still great to see it everywhere though!
  2. Apparently an Audi A8 tops out at a maximum speed of 250km/h when you are taking it on the autobahn on the way to Austria not because it is hindered by engine performance, but because the government has made governors mandatory at this speed
  3. Adaptive Cruise Control is a real thing, works great and is the start of us surrendering our cars to automated highways to make driving easier, more efficient, safer and devoid of reckless drivers!

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