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Berlin is a strange city. The capital of Europe’s current economic success, it is quickly putting its piecing back together and rebuilding what has resulted after years and years of what they call “history”. As the centre of attention during the Cold War Era, it is now starting to become seen as something else than just the place where the world was divided into two.

Some frisbee in front of the Reichstag

My friend and I playing some frisbee in front of the Reichstag

In architecture, signs, and other visible signs while walking around, it is clear that there was a Berlin before the War, after the War, an Eastern Sector, a Western Sector, and now also a modern, undivided Berlin. As you walk through the city, everything changes including the people, who are as diverse as the cityscape. Never have I seen so many crazy hairstyles in one place at one time!

The memorials around the city mark some pretty gruesome events, but also remind anyone who walks around that it took a lot to get to today’s peaceful prosperity that is Berlin.

Mysterious pipes all over the city

Mysterious pipes all over the city

Also, there are these strange pipes throughout the whole city. Nobody can agree on why they are there, why they are so multi-coloured, and everyone asked has provided a different answer:

–          Markings of where the Berlin Wall used to stand?

–          Oil pipes temporarily needed to supply the ever-happening construction?

–          Excess sewage management for the growing waste problems of the city?

–          Water pumped away from the construction zones due to the fact that Berlin has been built on a huge water reservoir?


Observations & Other Facts that I’ve learned in Europe:

–          In the US, wearing a jean jacket together with jean pants is known as wearing a “Canadian Tuxedo”

–          Travelling can be done really cheaply if you are always willing to have an expensive backup plan in case things go wrong

–          Spaniards, French, Germans, Italians and Mexicans are much better than Canadians at playing football (or should I say soccer)

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  • opa

    Hi alex.we are really enjoying your stories. Hope all is well at the job. Berlin is now also were the government resides. It used be in the city of bonn,but was moved to berlin sometime ago.stay well alex