The End of Holland 2

The Tour de Nederland is complete, and has taken me, literally, around an entire country! I couldn’t be happier with the trip, as it introduced me to family members and friends who I have never met or haven’t seen in way too many years. Thank you to everyone who made my trip such a wonderful success!

Coming with the goal of experiencing the Netherlands, I think I accomplished everything I set out to do and much more. It was all about the breadth of experiences:
a) Eating a wide variety of traditional dutch foods
b) Biking as much as possible
c) Staying with members of four different generations
d) Sitting in on classes at a Dutch university
e) Visiting historical museums as well as art galleries
f) Picking up my younger cousins from school
g) Attending a national Football celebration in Amsterdam with 60,000 other crazy Dutch Ajax fans
h) Standing on one of the most northern islands and yelling at the North Sea
i) Seeing first hand the differences in country from forest to Polder to Dunes to farmland – what a variety in such a small country
j) Knowing what it is like to walk through the Red Light District at midnight
k) Getting a windmill tour accompanied by full explanation from my aunt and uncle who are real Molenars.
l) Experiencing the constant wind that blows over this flat land
m) Visiting my place of birth and my old house.
n) Improving my Dutch speaking abilities!

While it is impossible to sum up this month in one list, this map shows my 28-day journey across the Netherlands.

Blue - biked parts Red - Train/Bus/Ferry

Blue – Biked parts
Red – Train/Bus/Ferry

Now on to Germany, where a new adventure awaits!

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