The Wind in Holland Sucks 1

Biking in Holland looks amazing on paper: no hills, no mountains, all flat ground, tons of bike routes and directional help along the way. And it is amazing. The only thing they don’t tell you about is the wind. Somehow it is always blowing as a headwind, making it a hassle to get places when it really should not be difficult at all. But that doesn’t make sense!

Cycling alone gives you a lot of time to think, and so I tried to figure out how it could be possible that the wind always blows in your face (I’m not insane I swear!). From my meteorology classes I know a thing or two about the weather haha. My theory is that during the day the sun heats up the land faster than the water so this causes a high density zone over the water and low density zone over land. This density difference affects the pressure and the pressure difference causes the wind to flow from the high density over the water to the low density over land. This is of course reversed in the evening one the land starts cooling faster than the water. So you have wind blowing from sea to land in the morning, and land to sea in the evening, that’s two directions and not “always a headwind”. It just so happens that we are more likely to move from inland to bodies of water to spend the day and back at night and this means we will always have a headwind! The last three trips that I have taken have all fit this pattern…

Bussum to Amsterdam (inland to the coast and then along the coast to Amsterdam)

Amsterdam to Volendam (inland to this small, authentic coastal town)

Amsterdam to Zaandvoort (inland to the beach)

Probably tell more about this brutal 100km day later

The North Sea (pretty much the Atlantic Ocean)

The North Sea (pretty much the Atlantic Ocean)



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