Tour de Nederland Explained

On the Dutch road

On the Dutch road

Very similar to the Tour de France, I will be making a roundtrip bicycle journey around the Netherlands in the next 27 days. In India I realized that I know very little about the country I was born in, and about the family I have spread out over the country. Even my Dutch has deteriorated since we left the country. Deciding to dedicate a month to this exploration before starting my work in Germany, I figured why not cycle around the country? Holland is small enough that it is achievable in a month and the flat land, biking culture, paths and signage make it the perfect place for this sort of adventure. The plan: borrow a bike from a cousin, stay in hostels, with family and friends around the country, and see whatever I want to see!

The challenge I have put upon myself is to not use a single train or bus to get from place to place.

The only real threat that I see before I start is whether I can physically do this…the end of the soccer season in March and April exams have made me a little lazy haha.

We’ll just have to see I guess!!

My best companion for the next 4 weeks, nicely borrowed from my cousins!

My best companion for the next 4 weeks, nicely borrowed!