Hello world!

Hello Everybody!

My name is Alex Harmsen, and I am in the first year of an Engineering Physics degree at the University of British Columbia. I’m not one to sit on my ass and do nothing the whole day, so I get involved in a whole range of different things. Some of the things that I’m currently involved with are Engineers Without Borders, recreational soccer teams, the Aviation club, the Table Tennis Club, and the UBC Cryonics and Life Extension Club (ya, that’s right – life extension!). In March I will be leading a session as a facilitator at the Bridging the Gap EWB conference in Vancouver – discussing the morals and ethics in international development. I’m also part of an engineering team that is designing, building and testing a fully functional nano-satellite over the next two years – with the eventual goal of it being launched into space.

I’m a very curious guy, and I ask a lot of questions. I hope to share a lot of knowledge, and very interesting things that I learn along the way. There is absolutely nothing that I am not interested in, and hope to inspire that same curiosity in other people as well!

Every day I plan to put up and answer a new question, once I figure out how to do that in a specific, new page on this website. I hope that you enjoy my random posts, and that you learn a lot!

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